What Is The Most Common Problem With Air Conditioning?

According to our air conditioning installation experts in Apollo Beach, it is best to learn some common problems you may face with your AC system. It is also important to know how to resolve the issue until the technician arrives for a quick inspection.

Common AC Problems And Their Quick-Fix Solutions

Here are five common problems that you may struggle with in your air conditioning system this summer season:

  • The Air Conditioner Is Not Working

You should replace the thermostat’s batteries if your air conditioning system is not working after you switched it on from the thermostat. Check all the power switches and circuit breakers to ensure everything is alright. Switch the circuit breaker in the main fuse box if it is tripped.

However, if the circuit breaker switches down again, you might need to call our AC replacement expert in Apollo Beach. A faulty component in the system is drawing more electricity than its capacity, affecting the entire AC system.

  • AC Blows Warm Air Instead Of Cool Air

Another common problem is when the air conditioning system blows warm air in extremely rising temperatures. Replace the air filter in the system if facing the same problem.

If you have an old HVAC system, check if your system is running low on refrigerant. You can check by sensing the two copper pipes in the AC condenser. The copper pipes must be moist and super-chilled all the time. Otherwise, call the air conditioning installation in Apollo Beach for a quick refill.

  • Water Puddles Around The AC System

Your AC system has frozen evaporator coils if there are water puddles under the indoor air handler. Ice starts to form around evaporator coils if the coils are dirty. You should avoid using your AC system until all the ice on the evaporator coil is melted away.

However, a water pool near the outdoor unit might be due to issues in the condensate drain or a damaged condensate pan. Check the condensate drains; if they are blocked, clean the blockage with the help of a long brush and boiling water.

We recommend not using the drain cleaner as it can hamper the strength of the pipe. Pour down a spoonful of baking soda and a cup of vinegar down the drain to prevent clogging.

  • Hot And Cold Spots In The Residence

Ensure there is nothing massive blocking the air vents. Take a glance at the duct system and look for issues that can cause the air to escape away. Poor insulation and cracks in the ducts can cause the air to escape into the outer environment, leaving your room warm and hot.

  • Loud And Disturbing Noise

Call the AC replacement experts in Apollo Beach for an inspection if you are tired of hearing loud noises from your AC system. Screeching noises are associated with blower belt issues, rattling sounds are associated with broken components, and hissing noise is a sign of leakage.

To Conclude

One of the easiest ways to keep all the HVAC problems at bay is by calling the annual maintenance services at the beginning of the season. Call John’s Air Conditioning and Heating technicians for quick maintenance and repair at 813-689-2722. We will help you to fix your household comfort issues at affordable rates.