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AC Repair in Brandon, FLWe will never force you to hand over your AC repair job to us, despite the fact that we are one of the leading and trustworthy companies in this field. However, we would like to provide you some points that you should ponder before hiring just any company for repairing your air conditioner. Old generation ACs contained mechanical thermostats and replacing one with a spare manufactured for a different model would hardly cause any problems in the functioning of the AC. However, the scenario is different with modern generation ACs. They contain digital thermostats, manufactured according to strict specifications laid down by the original equipment manufacturer.

Air Conditioning Compressors

Unreliable companies charge less. However, they typically use cheap imported electronic components for replacing the damaged parts of your AC. This can cause problems to other parts of your gadget since that imported part is unsuitable for its other components. Apart from that, these companies do not have the diagnostic equipment required or the technical knowledge needed to repair modern generation Air Conditioners. You might not be aware, but even a small, but mismatching component, can even cause your AC’s compressor to break down. Are you aware of the costs of replacing a burnt out compressor? You would be better off by purchasing a brand new AC.

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Find out what our customers are saying about our AC repair service here. Since we are available round the clock, you can give us a call even late at night and on weekends too. Once you explain your problem to us, and provide us with the model and make your AC, we shall send our skilled technicians to your place to repair your AC using original spares. We also provide a warranty on the spares and will replace them for free if they break down within the warranty period.

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