What Is Required For AC Installation?

When summer arrives, an air conditioner will become your best friend because it can enhance your comfort by lowering your home’s temperature. However, installing an air conditioner is a difficult task. This is why hiring professionals is always a good idea. You should contact our experts only for professional air conditioning installation in Apollo Beach, FL.

Primary Requirements For Split AC Installation

If the installation is carried out correctly, your air conditioner will provide optimal cooling; however, if it is not done correctly, you will not receive the preferred cooling effect. Some requirements for split AC installation are:

  • It is preferable to install blinds and an artificial roof where you want to install an AC to reduce the temperature increase caused by the outside heat.
  • The room where you intend to install an air conditioner must be enclosed. It must have functional gates and window panes to prevent air leakage.
  • The room must have an adequate power supply for the AC unit.
  • The surface must be stable enough to support the weight of an indoor air conditioner. To ensure this, always request that the professional install a 6-inch thick ply to keep the AC unit.
  • The outdoors of your split air conditioner should not be directly exposed to the sun.
  • There must be at least 8 inches of free space on either side of the indoor AC unit to ensure proper ventilation behind the system.
  • Similarly, a free expanse of at least 4 inches from the head of the indoor AC unit is required for proper airflow.
  • The surface on which you intend to install your air conditioning unit should be dry and dry.
  • The area must be free of dust and dirt to prevent the air conditioner filters from choking.
  • The split AC outdoor unit must be installed on a flat, rigid surface. This unit contains split AC components such as a compressor, condenser, and fan motor. If the unit is not placed on a flat surface, it will vibrate inordinately, which can cause copper pipe breakage, coolant leakage, and the compressor or condenser damage. Furthermore, the vibrating unit makes a lot of noise, which may bother you and your neighbors.

Primary Requirements For Window AC Installation:

If you are looking for an AC replacement in Apollo Beach, you should seek the help of our professionals. Window AC installation also requires keeping certain things in mind:

  • The window where you intend to install your air conditioner unit must include a beam 30 inches above the ground.
  • The window frames should preferably be made of wood to absorb the vibrations of the AC unit.
  • There must be a 20-inch free space on the back surface of the air conditioner unit for ventilation.
  • Examine the load on the circuit you intend to use for your window air conditioner. If other equipment is also plugged into the same circuit, tripped breakers or blown fuses are possible, even with a simple electronic device like a hairdryer.

To Summarize,

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