What Happens If You Set Your AC Too Low?

The overwhelming majority of AC owners do not understand the distinction between appropriate temperatures and a too-cool temperature. So to speed up the cooling process, they set their thermostat to the mid-sixties while they waited for the room to cool. However, air conditioners are not intended to make you feel so cold that you require a blanket. When the weather outside becomes unbearably hot or humid, air conditioners assist in maintaining a comfortable temperature indoors. The more you use your air conditioners, the faster their components wear out, and you ought to call experts frequently for your AC tune-up in Riverview, FL.

What Can Happen When an Air Conditioner is Set at a Low Temperature?

When you come into your house, it is common to practice setting the temperature to 65 degrees. However, specialists in air conditioning service claim that your air conditioner does not work this way.

Lowering the temperature below 77° or 78° is typically inefficient and expensive. Since the AC’s engine only has one speed, it will quickly surpass a comfortable temperature and continue to operate for longer periods, consuming more and more energy as it does so.

How Do you Maintain a Stable AC Temperature?

Here are some ways to help you maintain a stable air conditioner temperature at your place:

  • Use a Programmable Thermostat

Lowering the temperature too much may reduce the life of your air conditioning unit and increase your monthly expenses. When your house is unbearably hot, it’s difficult to remember this. Instead of instantly lowering the temperature when you come home, most air conditioning repair professionals recommend using the settings on your programmable thermostat.

Knowing how to control your thermostat properly can lead to cost savings. You can program the air conditioner to turn off when you leave for work or a family vacation. Set the structure to turn on 20 minutes before your arrival, and you’ll be greeted by a cool, welcoming home.

  • Call for Repairs if your AC is not Cooling

Working air conditioners can also keep your home cool at 78 degrees. If your air conditioner can’t keep up, you’ll need AC repair. The thermostat is occasionally the origin of the issue. If the temperature sensors are not working accurately, the thermostat may turn off the motor too quickly, preventing you from receiving the necessary cooling.

There are, however, several other possibilities, such as issues with the compressor, cooling coil, blower fan, or ductwork. Only seasoned air conditioning repair specialists can diagnose your problem and recommend possible solutions.

  • Keep an Eye on Heat Gain

The greater the temperature distinction between inside and outside, the faster heat from outside will enter the property. It is referred to as heat gain. Raise the thermostat as high as you find pleasant to slow heat gain and keep the house cooler for longer. For instance, when it’s 100°F outside, raise the thermostat to 80°F to slow heat gain and provide necessary breaks for the air conditioner.

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