How Do You Know If Your Air Conditioner Needs Servicing?

Air conditioners communicate through signs and indications. As the owner, you should know about the various signs that may indicate issues and problems. As soon as these signs are detected, you should contact our technician in Apollo Beach for AC repair services.

When you contact our technician early on, your air conditioner will have an enhanced lifespan and better efficiency. Moreover, you won’t be troubled with frequent repair jobs if you detect the first problem in its initial stages.

Indicators For Servicing Needs

The best way to avoid unexpected repair jobs is through regular annual air conditioner servicing. However, some signs indicate that your air conditioner needs servicing sooner. For any issues that require professional assistance, contact the experts at John’s Air Conditioning & Heating Service LLC for air conditioning service in Apollo Beach, FL:

  • Unwanted Noises

An efficient air conditioner usually makes minimal to no noise while working. However, if your air conditioner makes noises like banging and hissing, you should contact our technician to inspect them. Noise can mean different problems; only a professional and skilled technician can understand them.

  • Less Cool Air

The primary function of an air conditioner is to cool your home and maintain a comfortable temperature. If it cannot perform this function, it means there is an issue with it. Allow our professional technicians to find the root cause. While our technician arrives, check the air filters for blockages and the thermostat for malfunctioning signs.

  • Foul Smells

Bacterial growth is one of the main reasons for foul smells in your system, and you should contact our technician to check them soon before bacteria degrade your health.

  • Unbalanced Humidity Levels

Besides cooling your home, your air conditioner also removes excess moisture from the indoor air. If the system does not perform its secondary function efficiently, you should contact our technician in Apollo Beach for AC repair services before the humidity levels trouble you.

  • Poor Indoor Air Quality

If you did not clean your air conditioner thoroughly before using it, there is a high chance your indoor air quality is not as high as it should be. Although your air filters purify your indoor air, excessive dust inside the system will enter your home and degrade the air quality.

  • Uncontrolled Energy Bills

An efficient air conditioner does not consume more energy than it should as its parts are efficient, and they work for limited hours to cool your home. However, your energy bills will rise if the parts take more time to cool your home due to inefficiency. In such cases, you should contact our technician to check the efficiency.

  • Short Cycling

Short cycling is a serious problem that can damage the sensitive parts of your air conditioner. If your air conditioner short cycles for more than three days, you should contact our professional for help.

The Bottom Line

John’s Air Conditioning & Heating Service LLC is here to provide you with the best furnace and air conditioning service in Apollo Beach, FL. With our latest tools and knowledge, you receive nothing but high-quality professional services. You can contact us at 813-689-2722.