Heat Pump Not Cooling: The Most Common Problems And Solutions

Florida heat is not something to be taken lightly. A sizable concern in this heat can be a problematic heat pump, which refuses to cool the room. Listed below are some of the common problems that you might face when using a heat pump. The solutions given alongside can help you understand if the issue needs to be looked at by a heat pump repair service or can be fixed by a non-professional.

Problematic heat pumps and solutions

While heat pump repair services can come to your rescue, it is always good to know the problem beforehand:

1. Heat pump not cooling?
If your heat pump is not cooling the room efficiently, do this:

  • Check the thermostat!
    It may be possible that you have entered the wrong temperature setting on your device. If not, there could be a possibility of a broken thermostat. The thermostat plays an essential role in conveying the temperature setting to the main pump. If your thermostat is not displaying any setting, you either need to change the batteries or look for any short circuit that may have affected the device. If none of these solutions work, it is essential to call heat pump repair services
  • Clean your device.
    Dirty coils and unkempt air filters are another reason your heat pump might not be cooling. Often dirt and ice clog the vents resulting in hot air blowing out. Make sure you clean your coils every two months. You can also pull out the air filters and replace them if needed. If cleaned regularly at an interval of three months, you will also have access to cleaner air.

2. The heat pump is leaking
A leak is one of the possible reasons your pump is not cooling the room. The liquid you see is the refrigerant that adds the cooling effect. Ask a professional to refill your refrigerant. Doing this will help the pump cool the room.

3. Does the heat pump refuse to start?
A heat pump that does not turn on can be frustrating. In this case, you must make sure that the device is attached to a power source. Once that is checked, you must look for a faulty thermostat. If neither of these cases is the problem, then you must contact a heat pump repair service. Asking them to service the starter capacitor and the reverse valve could help reach a solution.

4. The pump is noisy or smelly
Your sense of smell and hearing may help you understand why your heat pump is not cooling the room.

  • If the component smells like it is burning, you must immediately turn off the main fuse. The next step should be to contact a technician from a heat pump repair service. Do not ignore this smell.
  • If the device is giving off a musty or damp smell, there’s a possibility of mold. In this case, too turn off the device to avoid circulating unclean air.
  • A noisy device indicates loose parts or even a broken capacitor. In the case of the former, you may fix the heat pump yourself. However, you can also depend on the services of professionals to be on the safer side.

 Listed above are some of the common problems you might face as a heat pump owner. Now that you know how to tackle these problems, you can either try your hand at fixing your heat pump or call for professional help.  Looking for an HVAC repair service in Apollo Beach, FL? Contact John’s Air Conditioning and Heating Service! A service trusted to keep houses chilled for the past 40 years.