5 HVAC Problems That Should Be Your Top Priority

Owning an HVAC system, whether a heating system or a cooling system, is a full-time job. You use the system to your heart’s content, and in return, the system gives you problems and issues based on how much you have used it. It is how you take care of your system and your system takes care of you. While utilizing your HVAC system, if you notice an unusual smell or unexpected incidents happening, you may have to think twice about them. Here are some signs that your system is not well, and you should contact an HVAC company in Riverview, FL, to assist you:

1. Unexpected rise in your electricity bill

If you compare your electricity bills of different months each year, you should notice no unexpected or sudden growth in it. It means that the electrical appliances in your home are not consuming more electricity than they should. If, however, you notice a sudden jump in your electricity bill for two consecutive months even though you did not add a new electrical appliance, it may indicate that your HVAC system is demanding too much electricity. Call a heating and cooling company in Riverview to check this issue.

2. Burning smell
You smell something burning while your HVAC system operates, but no one is using the kitchen. It may mean that the wirings in your system are at fault. It may be a short-circuit within the system, or the wires burning due to excessive electricity consumption by the system. No matter the cause, once you detect a burning smell with no apparent cause, contact an HVAC company in Riverview, FL, to find the real reason. Your technician will evaluate the burning smell and find out the root before it takes an irreversible form.

3. Puddles
If you notice water dripping from your system, it may be more than just a leakage. Instead of cleaning those puddles all the time, contact your technician to find the actual cause behind these leakages. It may be due to torn insulation foam over the refrigerant line or due to the ice formation of the evaporator coils.

4. More repairing, less efficiency
Your HVAC system may be growing old, and the demands of repairing work may increase each year. Once you feel that the money you spend on its repair each year is more than half the price of a new HVAC system, you should probably consider buying a new one instead of spending it on your current one.

5. Hot and cold pockets
The sole purpose of your HVAC system is to warm or cool the house as per the temperature outside. If your system cannot accomplish this task without creating hot and cold pockets all around your home, it may be facing efficiency issues. Your HVAC system may need a simple filter cleaning or maybe more; your technician can help you out with this by analyzing your whole system and its constituents.

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