When To Replace Your Central Air Conditioning Unit

Every central air conditioner is engineered to last ten years. Unfortunately, no air conditioners last forever. You must maintain your AC regularly to use your AC system at its total efficiency. Once it gets older than ten years, you need to consider upgrading to a better and newer model. Your AC should be energy efficient and work at its peak efficiency to provide you and your family comfort during the hot summer days. Switching to a newer and upgraded model may seem expensive initially. Still, the more recent models have new energy-efficient technology, preventing high utility bills in the long run.

When Should You Consider Replacing Your Central AC Unit?

Frequent Repairs

Over time your AC system might start experiencing issues that repairs can fix. You can call for an AC repair service in Riverview, FL, and schedule an appointment with John’s Air Conditioning and Heating Service, LLC. Minor issues can be fixed with repairs, but when the problem seems more significant and is beyond repair, it is logical to opt for an AC replacement.

If you have to spend more on your central AC unit repairs, upgrading to a new model is better. A quick fix may seem like a better option in the short term, and replacement may seem expensive. But replacing your system at the right time is the most cost-efficient option.

High Energy Bills

If you notice a rise in your electric bills, you need to switch to a new model. The new models are designed to work smarter. When you replace your central AC unit with a new model, your cooling cost will decrease because the upgraded models keep your home cool while using less energy. Some AC systems use heat pumps to pull the warm air away from your house, while others have air filtration capabilities.

Moisture Buildup And Leakage

While all air conditioning units create moisture in some units, excessive moisture can damage the system and its walls. Damaged pipes or refrigerant leaks can cause the leakage. If the leakage is too much, it can damage the furniture around it. Getting an AC replacement from the best air conditioning services in Riverview can be the solution.

Poor Airflow

This is the most common problem many central AC system owners may face. Sometimes due to clogged ductwork or dirty air filters, the airflow of the air conditioning unit might be reduced. As a result, the air may not reach every room corner. Regular maintenance and repairs from AC repair contractors in Apollo Beach, FL, may fix this issue. However, if the problem persists, you must consider opting for an AC replacement service.

Opting for an AC replacement isn’t as stressful as you might think. A lot of new models offer new technology at a budget-friendly price. If you start noticing signs of wear and tear in your AC, you need to switch it out with a better model.


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