Can I Install My Own Air Conditioner Unit In Florida?

Air conditioners are becoming a constituent of every household. The need to install an AC unit in a DIY method has been gaining popularity. You might wonder whether to hire a professional air conditioner installation service in Apollo Beach, FL, or not. We say you might, depending on your choice of AC. But if you ask yourself, “Can I install my AC unit in Florida?”
Definitely, Yes.

Perks of Having an AC Unit Installed On Your Own

  • Learn New Skills

The air conditioner unit is a common home appliance; people should know its various parts and how to fix minor issues. If you are a homeowner and have been using an air conditioner, you may opt for a DIY air conditioner installation in your Apollo Beach, FL, or neighboring areas.

  • Save on Your Investment

You can purchase your air conditioner directly from the home improvement store to get a better deal and can save on the installation charge as well.

  • Your Choice

You will have complete authority over your purchase when you source and install your own AC. You can get your preferred brand without depending on the local HVAC stores without any hindrance.

Even though it seems to be lucrative to install an air conditioner on your own, there are certain drawbacks that we want you to know.

  • Arduous Labor

Air conditioning installation in Apollo Beach, FL, and surrounding areas, requires extensive professional labor. Being a homeowner, it might be difficult for you to carry out the entire operation. This process is time-consuming, from carrying an HVAC system and doing ductwork to ensuring safety with electric cables.

  • Correct Air Conditioner for Your Home

If you are not an experienced technician, deciding on the exact unit for your home can be a problem. Only professional personnel from a reputed air conditioning repair service in Apollo Beach can help you select the best AC at an affordable price.

  • You May Miss Out on Extended Warranty

Some HVAC companies offer extended warranties on the brands they sell. This warranty will cover any Apollo Beach AC repair service also. We advise you not to miss out on these benefits.

  • Proper Certifications

You will need an EPA certification if you want to repair or install your own AC at your home. You can obtain one by studying and appearing for an examination. Do you think it is worth it? Better to opt for a professional air conditioning installation service in Apollo Beach.


We advise choosing a reputed HVAC contractor for your air conditioner installation such as John’s Air Conditioning and Heating Service LLC. We are a team of skilled technicians who have been in this service for a long time. Be it AC repair in Apollo Beach or AC installation, choose us, and you won’t regret it.