As a certified home inspector, certified mold inspector and Florida State certified Radon tester it was important to me when I bought a home in July, 2006 to move into a safe healthy home. Since I understand that few homes out there are healthy homes I knew what I would need to get to have one.

The house I bought was over 20 years old so I knew I would need to replace the HVAC system install an electronic cleaner and have the ducts cleaned along with a couple added.I called several well known companies for estimates and was immediately floored by the quotes I was given. I estimated the cost to be around $4,500 there wasn’t one less than $6,000.

I told one of my new neighbors about what I was going through and he told me to call John. That neighbor is now my favorite because not only did John beat the others prices he beat my estimate by almost a thousand dollars. Then to top it off the installation and cleaning was on time and perfect. John himself did the follow up inspection of the installation and wanted to make sure I was happy with everything. Happy! I was dancing a Jig. I felt like I was dealing with a trusted friend rather a company.

Ed Biggs.

We just wanted to let you know how satisfied we are not only with the new ac but also with the service we received from John’s Air Conditioning. We have noticed that our electric bills have been lowered by approximately 30% each month since installing the new system, which in return we have been able to apply towards the cost of the new ac. Once this is paid we will be able to pocket that extra savings.

Also John was extremely courteous and provided us with excellent professional service. We would not hesitate to recommend his company to any of our friends or family.

Buddy and Suzie Evans.

Fast service, exceptional results, reasonable prices.

Mary F.D.

John’s been doing my A.C. for yrs. now. He does a great job and I won’t use anyone else.

Gene S.